Integridad Integrity:

We are honest and responsible for our achievements and mistakes. We treat our collaborators, clients, suppliers and the community in general with dignity and respect.

Commitment/Sense of belonging: Commitment/Sense of belonging:

We are proud to work for this company and its success is the success of all of us who are part of it.

Transparencia Transparency:

We act consistently in thought, speech, and actions.

Being doers: Being doers:

We are proactive. We get involved and make things happen. We look for new and better ways to do things, avoiding bureaucratic solutions. We promote simple and efficient processes and relationships.

Passion for what we do: Passion for what we do:

We enjoy new challenges always motivated to undertake challenges and overcoming obstacles. We share and pass this feeling on to others.

Adaptability to Change: Adaptability to Change:

By modifying our own behavior we are able to achieve our goals when new challenges, difficulties or changes in context arise. We understand and value different positions or different points of view.